Lydia I.

Tour Guide at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona


Class of 2026

Hometown: Tyrone, PA

Major: Nursing

Fun fact:

In 7th grade, I tripped walking to the orthodontist and got a rock stuck in my hand. I had to go to the ER and got 7 stitches a week before summer. I kept the rock as a souvenir.

Favorite thing about Penn State Altoona:

Fat Squirrels

Favorite food:


Favorite places in Altoona:

Chick-fil-A, T.j.Maxx, Target, Bobatea

I'm passionate about...

Music Amazon Making money Working four wheeling Fat Squirrels coffee dates Tennis CATS My Dog Nugget

I'm involved with...

Psych Club Penn State Lion Ambassadors
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